Custom Process

The process of making your dream piece is meant to be seamless, consultative and, dare we say fun

Interested in having an item similar to one you see in the portfolio or somewhere else online made for you? Email us with the details (saving and sending us the image you're referring to helps) and we will start a conversation with you about your perfect custom piece. Or do you have a crazy* idea for a piece that you can't even find pictures of? Let's chat. *We love crazy.

Most pieces that we create use reclaimed wood. Please know that reclaimed materials tend to be more difficult to work with, but very rewarding as no two pieces are alike. Colors and textures of the wood may vary, and some minimal warping and shifting over time is to be expected. There are various things we can do to prevent the shifting from happening, at least during your lifetime. Your grandkids, though, may see some warping boards. But by then the whole 'rustic' thing will have come full-circle and it will be super 'in' again so now your grandkids will be cool. So, you're welcome in advance. 

But, seriously. We enjoy reclaimed wood as the imperfections in the materials add character to the piece and ensure that you are truly getting a unique, custom piece.

Steps for Custom Work:

  1. Send us an email at Contact@ReclaimedGoods.CO or call us at 267-438-5884 to start a conversation regarding custom work. Attaching pictures to the email that you have found online of the elements you are looking for your piece to have are very helpful. The more details, the better! 
  2. If your project is on a larger scale (a clothing boutique, an entire space,etc), we will asses a $200 consultation fee after our first initial meeting/conversation about the project. Once all of the plans for the build and designs have been finalized, you will get that $200 fee applied to the balance of the order. This does not pertain to average projects, such as coffee tables or dining tables, etc. This is more for very large scale projects where a significant amount of designing and time is required on our part. We have unfortunately had multiple instances where we have handed our unique ideas and plans over to individuals and businesses who have then either executed the project themselves or shopped for other builders to do it that don't necessarily possess the design and customer services elements that we bring to the table. After a year of this, we have learned our lesson and know our time, creativity, strategic thinking, and designs are unique and worth something! The fee will be brought up during initial consultation if your project does apply.
  3. We will finalize all of the design details, being very specific to make sure we have all of the details right and sometimes providing a rendering where necessary. We are a tiny operation and we, admittedly, don't have the design software to give you super fancy sketches. So we ask you this: Do you want super fancy renderings or an AMAZING finished product? Yeah, we are on the same page. We focus on the latter.
  4. You will be given a projected completion date range during our consultation process. We can give a more precise completion date when the order is placed. Please know that our order queue changes daily (sometimes hourly!) and it is possible that the original date may shift once the order is officially placed. We are a small 2-person operation, so lead times do shift every time we get new orders.
  5. We charge 100% of the cost of your custom piece upfront for orders totaling $850 or less (before tax). For orders $850 or greater, a 50% deposit is due at the time the order is placed, with the balance and tax due upon delivery. Please note this only applies to custom orders being delivered by us. All shipments via common carrier or freight must pay 100% of the cost at the time the order is placed. We collect the funds for the deposit by personal check, cash, or safely and securely via our SquareUp account*. You will receive an email from us where you can enter your payment information for the specified amount of the deposit. As soon as we receive your deposit, we will begin planning and sourcing materials for your piece.


Want to explore a custom piece? Feel free to fill out a custom inquiry form here:

*Please note: If you prefer to send a check for any of the amounts instead of paying online, that is also okay. Cash/check for the balance upon delivery if we are delivering the piece ourselves or if you are picking up is also accepted.