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Becky Seager, Owner | Designer

Becky aka "Bex" has always been incredibly passionate about the design world, specifically the aesthetics of furniture and the styling and staging that comes along with interior decorating. Just ask her parents; she used to get caught late at night constantly rearranging the furniture in her childhood bedroom when she should have been sleeping. (Look, Mom and Dad! I finally did something with that seemingly pointless hobby!) With almost a decade in the Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales industry under her belt (with some small business consulting peppered in there) she learned the ropes of corporate America and refined her business skills in an effort to finally kiss her salaried positions goodbye and venture off on her own.

And that's how Reclaimed Goods was born. Becky truly enjoys the consultative part of working with customers and collaborating with them on the design of their perfect piece or the design of their space. Becky is in charge of the interior decorating projects, sales, marketing, website design, customer contact, dreaming up a bunch of crazy ideas, staging the photo shoots, and she and her local builders work together on the overall design and finishes of each piece. She often does the painting/staining/finishing or pieces herself and has been known to jump on the chop saw or sander to get things done. Because, #girlboss. 




Jim M., skilled local builder and traditional woodworker in Charlottesville, VA. 

Brandon C., my builder that just loves pulling all-nighters at install sites to get the job done! Okay, maybe "loves" is an exaggeration. But together we bring the heart, passion, and experience to each and every project that we do.

We are always looking for great local builders and anyone who has access to fantastic reclaimed or live-edge wood in the Charlottesville area. Email us if you would like to join our team! Contact@ReclaimedGoods.CO